Committee on Facilities and Campus Planning


Brown University is a dynamic center of research, teaching and extracurricular life housed in a rich and historic architectural setting. The campus is an eclectic mix of architectural styles that emphasizes the University’s long history as well as its forward-looking outlook. The human scale and compact size of the Brown campus supports intellectual exchange across disciplines and instills a sense of community among its members. The buildings, common spaces, walkways, greens, and sustainable practices that comprise the campus are an essential component of the University’s academic excellence, and must be stewarded in a strategic manner with the goal of fostering and increasing that excellence in the near and long-term.

The Committee on Facilities and Campus Planning is the steward of the campus, and through the exercise of its charge is responsible for ensuring the facilities and campus planning activities fully support Brown’s commitment to academic excellence. Towards that goal, the Committee shall keep itself fully and currently informed concerning all matters relating to the physical resources, facilities, infrastructure, landscaping, campus planning and aesthetic development of the University, and shall advise the President and the Corporation on strategic physical planning matters, which envision changes to the campus to enhance the learning environment, enliven the lives of our community, and enrich the culture of collaborative research, scholarship, and intellectual exchange which distinguish Brown.


The Committee shall, on a periodic basis, review and make recommendations for changes to the University Campus Master Plan, and shall consider and approve recommendations for changes brought forth by the administration.

The Committee shall be responsible for recommending to the Corporation the siting of a new building and the demolition of an existing building.

The Committee shall be responsible for approving the final selection of architects for major capital projects based on the recommendation of the Subcommittee on Design Review. 

The Committee shall review the overall campus physical assets and infrastructure on a periodic basis, and provide oversight for facility renewal, space utilization and campus utility infrastructure, including information technology infrastructure.

The Committee shall review the University’s comprehensive plans for parking and transportation on a periodic basis as they relate to the overall master plan for the campus.

The Committee shall review on a periodic basis the University’s progress toward meeting its carbon reduction goals and energy conservation and sustainability strategic plan.

The Committee shall review on a periodic basis the University’s construction management procedures and methods of bidding to ensure maximum value.

The Committee shall, through its standing Subcommittee on Real Estate and Development, be responsible for making recommendations to the Corporation regarding the acquisition and disposition of real estate.

The Committee shall, through its standing Subcommittee on Public Art, be responsible for encouraging and approving the placement of public art on campus. 

On an annual basis the Committee shall receive, review and accept risk management plans prepared by the administration in areas appropriate and relevant to the charge of the Committee.


The Committee shall consist of the President and the Chancellor, ex officio, and nine other members, at least five of whom shall be current members of the Corporation. At least one member from each of the committees on Academic Affairs, Budget and Finance, and Campus Life shall serve on the Committee.


The Committee shall be staffed by the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy, and the Vice President for Facilities Management.