Committee on Senior Administration


The Committee on Senior Administration shall be charged with consultation with the President, whether on its own initiative or on that of the President, with respect to any matters bearing upon the official or academic duties and activities of the President and other members of the senior administration, upon their relations with the University body, and upon their personal welfare. The Committee shall have no power to control the action of the President in any matter whatsoever, but it may make such reports or suggestions to the Corporation, or such suggestions to the President, as it shall judge to be useful and in the best interests of the University.


It shall have the authority to fix and establish from time to time on behalf of the Corporation the compensation, perquisites and benefits of the President and other members of the senior administration.


The Committee shall consist of the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor, the Secretary and the Treasurer, all ex officio.


The Committee shall be staffed by the Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy.