Committee on Trustee Vacancies

The Committee on Trustee Vacancies shall consist of the President (secretary), Chancellor (chair), and the Chair of the Governance and Nominating Committee, all ex officio, and up to six other Trustees.

Whenever there is a vacancy on the Board of Trustees for which the Alumni do not nominate, the Committee shall canvass the situation thoroughly and suggest to the Corporation the name of a suitable candidate. 

The Committee shall, in addition to suggesting names of candidates for Term Trustees to serve the normal term of six years, be charged with responsibility for suggesting names of suitable candidates to fill the position of Young Alumnus Trustee for terms of three years. A Young Alumnus Trustee shall be an alumnus of the University (undergraduate, graduate or medical school) who, when their term begins, is between zero and seven years from graduation or completion of their time as a student at Brown. Young Alumni Trustees may serve in this position for one three-year term.

 The Committee on Trustee Vacancies shall be staffed by the Senior Associate Secretary of the Corporation.