Chair's Calendar

In response to the request of department chairs/center directors, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty has created a informational website for chairs and directors. The website lists important dates and actions, links to other relevant websites, and provides a month-by-month guide as well as an alphabetized list of data resources for chairs and directors.

While created and maintained by the DoF, the website is meant for use by department chairs and center directors in all divisions of the university, excluding the Medical School.

  • Chairs are asked to nominate first-year advisors to the Office of the Dean of the College (30% of their roster FTEs)
  • Chairs submit faculty leave requests with comments from the chair to the DoF
  • Graduate School meeting with Chairs and DGSs
  • Chairs meet with the Dean of the Faculty to discuss salary increases
  • Mid-February deadline for course offerings to appear in University Bulletin/CAB
  • Mid-February edits to University Bulletin due
  • DoF Chairs and managers have a budget planning meeting with DoF senior staff. Temporary teaching funds are provided for the coming year, and requests for operating budget increases or special funding are taken.
  • Course proposals due to meet April pre-registration publication deadline 
  • Teaching excellence award nominations due to the DoF
  • Chairs asked to submit requests for faculty searches for the coming year
  • Dossiers for senior lecturer reappointments and reappointments of assistant professors with January 1 start dates due
  • Graduate student Dissertation Completion Proposals due
  • Summer appointments for graduate students due to the graduate school
  • Program applications for new semester I proctorships due to the graduate school
  • Final exam report on course offerings for spring are distributed
  • Deadline for graduate programs to notify the graduate school of a new DGS, and set an online application cutoff for graduate admissions for the following year.
  • Fall appointments for graduate students due to the graduate school
  • Departments notified of search approvals
  • Departments notified of budget/ special funding requests
  • All graduating students final grades are due
  • Faculty proof for candidates for degrees distributed
  • Commencement
  • Reports of Humanities Research Funds due to OVPR.
  • Deadline to notify graduate students of the potential for removal from program before the start of the spring semester.
  • Graduate school meeting with Chairs and Directors of Graduate Study
  • Monthly Provost meetings and DoF lunches begin.
  • TPAC workshop for chairs
  • Reappointment dossiers for lecturers and assistant professors (with July 1 start dates) are due to TPAC
  • Annual reviews of untenured faculty due to the office of the Dean of the Faculty.
  • Reappointment or promotion dossiers for TPAC due for some faculty. (Some will be due in the spring.)
  • Graduate student evaluations and appointment projections due via GSIM.
  • Course proposals due in order to meet November pre-registration publication deadline
  • Final exam report on course offerings for fall is distributed 
  • Graduate program appointments for semester II are due
  • Clearance forms for probable December graduates are due
  • Deadline for creating or modifying online course evaluations in Banner
  • Preliminary reports for the Humanities Research Fund for the coming year are due to OVPR
  • Begin building course offerings for the next AY in Banner Web
  • Teaching assignments for the following year are typically made. (Deadlines for inclusion in Banner are set by the Registrar. New course approval deadlines are set by the CCC.)
  • First-year seminar course proposals for next academic year are due
  • DoF requests that faculty fill out the Faculty Activity Report for the salary increase process
  • Dossiers for promotions are due to TPAC
  • Chairs are provided with the online faculty salary increase tool
  • Sabbatical and other leave requests submitted to chairs
  • Dossiers for tenure cases are due to TPAC
  • Nominations for named fellowships for incoming graduate students are due