Applying for Lectureship Funds

COVID-19 Notice: Given the current circumstances, we must temporarily suspend the Faculty Development Funds and Faculty Lectureship Fund Programs. We hope to be able to reopen the portal for applications and make awards at a later date.    

Our office will call for Lectureship Funds proposals each spring.  Proposals are typically due by April 30th, and the funds may be used for lectures and events in the following academic year.  Award notifications are typically made by June, and the funds will be made available for use after July 1st.


The Lectureships funds are intended to support proposals to bring to the campus outstanding individuals from outside the Brown community. These individuals should present lectures of a broad and interdisciplinary nature or of current interest in a special area not ordinarily available at Brown University. The intent is to introduce people and topics that stimulate thought and discussion. The proposals can be for a single lecture or for a series of lectures that follow a coherent theme.

The Lectureships funds are not intended to support departmental seminars or to support Brown faculty in providing outside lectures.

Proposal Preparation

Describe the lecture topics and the  reasons that these lectures will interest the Brown community, and provide a brief biography of the individuals who will give the lectures. Please consider carefully and enumerate the expenses you anticipate (travel, publicity, e.g.). Also, indicate alternative sources of funding being sought; these are regarded favorably, as evidence of breadth of appeal. 

Foreign Visitors

When inviting speakers from abroad, you should inquire about current procedures for independent contractor payments to foreign visitors by contacting the Controller's Office.

Criteria for Proposal Evaluation

The proposals received will be evaluated by a faculty committee on three points:

  • Quality of proposed lectures
  • Breadth of interest to the Brown community
  • Cost effectiveness


The average amount awarded per application is $5,000. Applications for funds in excess of $7,000 are discouraged. In extenuating circumstances, more money can be awarded if the breadth of the proposal warrants it and if funding is available. Please note that Honoraria generally do not exceed $1,000 in these budgets. Please keep in mind that in-house speakers are not to be included.  Generally, room and board should not exceed $400. However, the faculty committee will consider recommendations for other amounts in exceptional cases. All requests for reimbursement for entertainment expenses must be in compliance with Brown University policies. Lectureships funds may be supplemented by other university or outside sources.


The approval of the department chair or center director is required.


Applications are collected through UFunds.