Faculty Teaching Award

Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards

Nomination Deadline: March 4th

The Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards recognize Brown faculty members for sustained and continued excellence in undergraduate teaching. One award can be made in each of the four major areas of the curriculum: humanities, life, physical and social sciences. The awards are named for past faculty members recognized for their teaching achievements: John Rowe Workman (Humanities), Elizabeth LeDuc (Life Sciences), Philip J. Bray (Physical Sciences), and William G. McLoughlin (Social Sciences). Each recipient will receive a professional development fund of $3,000 for each of two years.  Nominations from any member of the Brown faculty are welcome, but should be directed to the chair or director of the appropriate academic unit, who will forward all nominations.  

The portfolio of each nominee should contain:

  • The candidate's current curriculum vitae.
  • A written nomination (from the chair/director or with the endorsement of the chair/director) setting out the nominee's abilities and accomplishments in teaching.  These statements should be no more than two pages in length.
  • Summaries of departmental course evaluations from students for courses taught by the candidate over the past three years.

Additional material in support of the nomination on behalf of the candidate or by the candidate may be submitted as well.  The Dean of the Faculty may request more information (e.g. letters from students and a teaching statement) from the finalists, if necessary. Nominations and materials can be sent electronically to the Dean of the Faculty or by campus mail to Box 1857.

Previous Years’ Recipients 
Phillip J. Bray Award
2013-2015 Barbara Meier, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
2012 -2014 Christopher Seto, Associate Professor of Chemistry         
2011-2013           Sarah Delaney, Assistant Professor of Chemistry  
2010-2012           Richard Stratt, Newport Rogers Professor of Chemistry  
2010-2012           Pascal van Hentenryck, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
2009- 2011           Humphrey J. Maris, Hazard Professor of Physics 
2008- 2010           David E. Cane, Vernon K. Krieble Professor of Chemistry      
2007- 2009           Philip Klein, Professor of Computer Science
2006-2008           No recipient
2005- 2007           Antal Jevicki, Professor of Physics
2005- 2007           Matthew Zimmt, Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence and Professor of Chemistry 
2004- 2006           Jan Hesthaven, Professor of Applied Mathematics
2003- 2005           Allan Bower, Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence and Professor of Engineering
2002-2004 No recipient
2001-2003           Stuart Geman, James Manning Professor of Applied Mathematics
2000- 2002           Michael I. Rosen, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
1999- 2001           Robert A. Pelcovits, Professor of Physics   
1998- 2000           Leslie Kaelbling, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
1997-1999           Janet A. Blume, Associate Professor of Engineering      
1996-1998           Joseph Silverman, Professor of Mathematics         
1995-1997           Jan A. Tullis, Professor of Geological Sciences
1994-1996           Matthew Zimmt, Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence and Professor of Chemistry 
1993-1995           Thomas Banchoff, Professor of Mathematics 
Elizabeth LeDuc Award
2013-2015 Brian Hayden, Adjunct Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences
2011-2013 No recipients
2010-2012 Michael McKeown, Professor of Medical Science
2009-2011 Susan Gerbi, George D. Eggleston Professor of Biochemistry
2008-2010 Christine Janis, Professor of Biology
2007-2009 Kimberly Mowry, Robin Chemers Neustein Professor of Biomedicine
2006-2008 Michael Paradiso, Sidney A. Fox and Dorothea Doctors Fox Professor of Opthalmology and Visual Science
2005-2007 Kristi A. Wharton, Professor of Medical Science
2004-2006 Sally Zierler, Professor of Medical Science
2003-2005 Gary M. Wessel, Professor of Biology
2002-2004 Michael Lysaght, Professor of Biomedical Science and Biomedical Engineering (Research)
2001-2003 John R. Coleman, Professor of Biology 
2000-2002 Mark F.Bear, Sidney A. Fox and Dorethea Doctors Fox Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
1999-2001 Mark Bertness, Robert P. Brown Professor of Biology
1998-2000 Paul M. Knopf, Professor of Medical Science
1997-1999 Ferdinan Jones, Professor of Cognitive Linguistic & Psychological Sciences  
1996-1998 Peter Heywood, Professor of Biology 
1995-1997 William H. Warren Jr., Chancellor's Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences
1994-1996 Jonathan K. Waage, Professor of Biology
1993-1995 Kenneth Miller, Professor of Biology
William G. McLoughlin Award
2013-2015 Kurt Teichert, Environmental Stewardship Initiatives Manager
2010-2013 No recipients
2009-2011 Ralph Rodriguez, Associate Professor of American Studies
2008-2010 Rachel M. Friedberg, Senior Lecturer in Economics
2007-2009 Daniel J. Smith, Associate Professor of Anthropology 
2006-2008 Rachel Morello-Frosch, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Community Health
2003-2007  No recipients
2002-2004 Roger Cobb, Professor of Political Science
2001-2003 Karl Jacoby, Professor of History
2000-2002 Wilbur J. Johnson Jr., Lecturer in Education
1999-2001 Roberto Serrano, Harrison S. Kravis University Professor of Economics 
1998-2000 Ross E. Cheit, Professor of Political Science
1997-1999 Caroline Anne Karp, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies
1996-1998 Mary Gluck, Professor of History
1995-1997 Amy Remensnyder, Associate Professor of History
1994-1996 R. Douglas Cope, Associate Professor of History 
1993-1995 Carolyn Dean, Professor of History
John Rowe Workman Award
2013-2015 Susan Bernstein, Professor of Comparative Literature and Professor of German Studies
2012-2014 Lung-Hua Hu, Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies
2011-2013 Cristina Abbona-Sneider, Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies
2010-2012 Lynne deBenedette, Senior Lecturer in Slavic Languages
2009-2011 No recipient
2008-2010 Zachary Sng, Associate Professor of German Studies
2007-2009 Dore J. Levy, Professor of Comparative Literature
2006-2008 Dedda DeAngelis, Senior Lecturer Emerita in Italian Studies
2005-2007 Stephanie Merrim, Professor of Comparative Literature
2004-2006 Jeri DeBrohun, Associate Professor of Classics
2003-2005 Michael C. J. Putnam, Professor Emeritus of Classics 
2002-2004 Annie J. Wiart, Senior Lecturer in French Studies
2001-2003 David Konstan, Professor Emeritus of Classics
2000-2002 Walter Davis, Professor of English
1999-2001 Sylvie Toux, Senior Lecturer in French Studies
1998-2000 Bernard Reginster, Professor of Philosophy
1997-1999 Edward J. Ahearn, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and French Studies
1997-1998 Joseph Pucci, Associate Professor of Classics
1995-1997 Arnold Weinstein, Edna and Richard Salomon Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature
1994-1996 Meera Viswanathan, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
1993-1995 Dietrich Neuman, Professor of History of Art & Architecture