Chapter 11. Non-Regular Faculty

Non-regular faculty members hold appointments other than those in the professorial ranks (including assistant, associate, and full professor) or those in the lecturer/senior lecturer category. The titles held ordinarily include a prefix (Adjunct or Visiting) or suffix (Research). For more detail regarding ranks and titles, see Chapter 4.

As is the case for other faculty personnel recommendations, recommendations for reappointment, contract renewal, promotion, and tenure are initiated by the untenured faculty member's department.

11.1 Yearly Performance Appraisal

As noted in Chapter 9 department chairs are responsible for ensuring that untenured adjunct faculty and research faculty on multi-year contracts receive annual reviews of their performance. The process for reviewing the performance of non-regular faculty need not be as formal as that for regular faculty. Adjunct and Research Faculty as well as postdoctoral fellows may be reviewed by their faculty research supervisor and/or the PI(s) on the grant(s) from which they draw salary. A written record of the review, including the points covered and responses made by the faculty member under review, should be maintained at the departmental level but need not be forwarded to the Office of Faculty Personnel.

11.2 Contract Renewal and Reappointment

At the ranks of Lecturer (less than half-time), Fellow, Research or Teaching Associate, Investigator, or at any Adjunct or Visiting ranks, or when one has been initially appointed at any rank, regular or non-regular, for one year or less - reappointment may be recommended at any time before the expiration of the current contract. Chairs should, however, bear in mind that any recommended reappointment cannot normally violate the announced conditions of an original appointment (for example, to pay a salary when none was originally offered, or to exceed a fixed non- renewable term). Otherwise, the considerations bearing upon reappointment at these ranks are the obvious ones: evaluation of performance, availability of funds, and room in the departmental staffing plan.

If no reappointment is recommended at any of these ranks described above, the contract will automatically lapse on its expiration date. Initial faculty appointments for a period of one year or less, and non-regular appointments of whatever duration are understood to be terminal appointments, and therefore do not require specific advance notice from the University regarding possible reappointment.

11.3 Promotions

Promotions within the temporary, non-regular ranks of the faculty do not normally occur, except in the cases of people who have served in the (Research) or adjunct professorial ranks over an extended period of time. Recommendations for promotions of persons of Research or Adjunct rank will be carefully reviewed by the appropriate divisional Dean. When promotion is to Associate or full Professor (Clinical, MBL, or Research), the recommendation must be reviewed by TPAC, and chairs/directors should prepare these cases with commensurate care. It follows that the written "Standards and Criteria" of the department in question must explicitly define promotion standards for such non-regular faculty.

A dossier including (i) the covering letter in which the recommendation is amply explained and justified; (ii) minutes of the meeting at which the recommendation was discussed and voted, including a record of the vote, (iii) letters solicited from external referees; and (iv) the curriculum vitae of the candidate for promotion should be sent to the Office of Faculty Personnel. After review by the appropriate Dean and the Associate Provost for Academic Development and Diversity, the recommendation will be placed on the agenda of TPAC. The Chair will also be informed when the meeting is to take place and may be invited to attend.

Once such a recommendation has been fully reviewed and if it has been approved, the Dean will sign the appropriate letter and send it to the department Chair for delivery to the individual. A copy of the letter will be included for departmental files.