Chapter 16. Space Maintenance, Renovation, and Allocation

16.1 Alterations, Renovations, and Space Assignments: the Space Committee

The Provost chairs the Space Committee, which meets regularly throughout the year to recommend allocations and renovations of space in support of the University’s mission and institutional priorities. Membership includes the Provost, the Executive Vice-President for Finance and Administration, the Executive Vice-President for Planning, the Vice-President for Research, the Vice-President for Campus Life, the Vice-President for Facilities Management, the Associate Provost, and the Dean of the Division of Biology and Medicine. The Space Committee’s work is overseen by and subject to approval from the President, the Corporation Facilities and Design Committee for design issues, the Corporation Real Estate Committee for leases, purchases or sales, and the Corporation Budget and Finance Committee for the financing of new and renewal space.

Requests regarding space needs come to the Space Committee through cognizance of new academic programs and/or faculty positions that have been approved or are in planning stages, from academic departments seeking space renovations, for example for new faculty, or from senior officers overseeing the academic, administrative, and campus life areas. Facilities Management manages on-going maintenance and renovation requests. The Space Committee’s work also is guided by the University’s master space plan that was approved by the Corporation, and by subsequent related work of the University’s consulting architect.

16.2 Maintenance

The Department of Facilities Management supports the teaching and research mission of Brown by ensuring the planning, design, construction, and operation and maintenance of all University facilities and grounds support needs are met. In addition, Facilities Management is responsible for:

  • Controlling and maintaining of building environments;
  • Maintaining grounds and athletic fields;
  • Managing safety, statutory and deferred maintenance projects related to University-owned buildings and systems;
  • Providing support to all University events and ceremonies;
  • Supporting the University's conservation and recycling initiatives.

Maintenance and repair requests made by departments are handled routinely by Facilities Management. Staff are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Service requests may be submitted online by clicking this link or by telephoning Facilities Management’s Service Response Center at 863-7800.