Non-Regular Faculty Search

Steps for a non-regular faculty search


1) Setting up Interfolio

Set up your search in Interfolio, but do not publish it until you have received approval from the Dean of the Faculty's office.  Some things to rember:

  • Leave the closing date blank
  • In the "Internal Notes" section, list your search committee members and identify the Diversity Representative and the Committee Chair
  • Attach a copy of your job ad as it will appear in print

(If your department does not use Interfolio, fill out a Hiring Plan.)

Hiring plan for units not using Interfolio.

2) Search Approval

Email DOF Faculty Personnel when your Interfolio setup is ready to be reviewed.  Once you receive approval by email, you can publish the search.


3) Interim Pool Report

Submit an Interim Pool Report form via Interfolio.  Attach the form in the "Internal Notes" field and email Faculty Personnel notifying us that the report is ready to be reviewed.  Once it is approved, you may continue with the search process.

Interim Pool Report Form

4) FAF and Compliance Report 

Attach your compliance report and a Faculty Action Form to the Interfolio search via the "Internal Notes" section.  Email Faculty Personnel when the report is ready for review.  It may sometimes be appropriate to contact the candidate informally while the Dean's office is preparing the offer letter.

Compliance report

5) Offer Letter

Our office will prepare a formal offer letter once we have received and approved a compliance report and a Faculty Action Form.  All offer letters are sent to the hiring unit for delivery to the candidate.


Faculty Action Form

6.) Closing the Search

Add a closing date to the search in Interfolio, then change the status to "archive."  Use a closing date before the day you take the action, but after the last application came in.

Information on conducting non-regular faculty preselect hires can be found here.