Regular Faculty Search

Steps for a regular faculty search


1) Search Authorization

The spring before the search is to be conducted

Emailed response to the search authorization memo sent to departments in late spring.  A link to your Interfolio search site will be included.

2) Hiring Plan

Summer, after your search has been authorized

None if using Interfolio; otherwise, the Hiring Plan for Faculty Searches (submit to Faculty Personnel).

Hiring Plan (for departments that do not use Interfolio).

3) Interfolio Setup


Set up your search in Interfolio, but leave it unpublished.  Some things to remember:

  • Leave the closing date blank
  • In the "Internal Notes" section, list your search committee members and identify the Diversity Representative and the Committee Chair
  • In the General Notes section, discuss advertising venues/ plans for generating a robust candidate pool.
  • If your search is open or senior rank, you must include the "associate and full background check" form as a required form.

4) Search Approval


Email the Dean's office when your Interfolio setup is ready to be reviewed.  Leave the "apply now" page unpublished until you receive approval. Once you do receive approval, set the search status to "accepting applications."  

5) Interim Pool Report

After the committee has agreed upon a short-list of candidates for invitation to campus

Submit an Interim Pool Report form via the search web form.  Be sure to include both the candidates you'd like to interview, and a second tier of an equal number of candidates who will not be interviewed. Once it is approved, you may continue with the search process. Units not using Interfolio should use the Pool Report Form. The Diversity Rep should submit the initial Diversity Report at this time using the web form.  Non-interfolio units can use the link to the right.

Interim Pool Report Form (For non Interfolio units only).

6) Diversity Representative Report


The DR is required to submit a diveristy report to the relevant dean before any on-campus interviews will be approved. 

Automatically generated DR for Interfolio units.  For others use the Diversity Report form.

7) Hiring Report

Once you have settled on a final ranking of candidates

Submit the Compliance Report using the web form.  Minutes from relevant faculty meetings, a memo from the department or committee chair, and any additional letters that have arrived since the Interim Pool Report should be attached via Interfolio. 

Automatically generated reports for Interfolio units.  Compliance report and Diversity Update for non Interfolio units.

8) Letters of reference (senior candidates only)

After you have chosen a finalist, before the candidate appears before TPAC

Tenure evaluators for senior candidates must be vetted with the Dean of the Faculty's office before requests for references can be sent.  This process takes place by email.  Send a list of all prospective referees, making note of whether they were suggested by the candidate or the department to the office of the DOF.

9) Offer Letter

After all steps in the hiring process are completed

Financial details of regular faculty offer letters must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty and the offer letter itself will be written by the Dean. 

10.) Closing the Search

After an offer has been accepted

Add a closing date to your search (after the last application came in, but before the day on which you take this action) in Interfolio, set "hired" status to anyone who was hired, and then close the search.