Temporary Teaching Funds

Replacement Teaching Funds for Departments and Programs

In order to meet critical curricular needs, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty provides Temporary Teaching Funds for the hire of visiting and adjunct faculty. Funds will be provided whenever the number of regular faculty in residence in a given academic year falls below a department-specific baseline value. Departments can also request additional funds when essential courses cannot be covered by the faculty in residence for any reason. Temporary teaching budgets are finalized during each department's spring budget meeting with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.

This spreadsheet can be used to calculate the Temporary Teaching funding a department would expect, based on anticipated faculty leaves, course buyouts, arrivals, and departures: Temp Teaching Worksheet

This presentation explains the rationale and details of the Temporary Teaching funding system was shown to Chairs, Directors and Managers in September of 2015: Temp Teaching System