The following financial aid application instructions are for all international first year applicants, including undocumented students residing in the U.S. 

International applicants must apply for and receive scholarship at the time of admission to be considered for financial aid at any point during their 4 years at Brown University.  More information about policies regarding international students can be found here.

Applying for Financial Aid is a 2 step process.

Step 1 - Requirement  due by February 2, 2016

CSS/PROFILE Application

The CSS/PROFILE will help us determine your eligibility for Brown’s institutional financial aid.  

  • Complete the 2016-2017 CSS/PROFILE  at
    • If your biological parents are separated or divorced, use information from your custodial parent.
  • Brown University’s CSS code is 3189.
  • Provide details in the CSS/PROFILE of any special circumstances or unusual expenses your family may have.

Noncustodial Parent's PROFILE

  • If your biological parents are divorced, separated, or never married, a noncustodial PROFILE is also required.  After you complete the PROFILE registration process, the College Board will email you instructions and information to provide to your noncustodial parent.  If you do not have contact with your noncustodial parent, please refer to the Noncustodial Parent Waiver petition  or our frequently asked questions regarding noncustodial parents.

Note: Applicants from the countries Cuba,Ghana, Iran,  North Korea, and Sudan cannot use the CSS PROFILE.  Please email us at for an alternative solution.   Please be sure to indicate in your email if your parents are divorced, separated, or never married.

Step 2 - Requirement  due by February 2, 2016

Parents' and Student Income Tax Return

The following information should be submitted directly to the Office of Financial Aid via mail, fax, or PDF attachment(s) via email to

**Please ensure the tax return is translated into English.

  • 2015 (or most recent) income tax return for custodial parent(s) (or non-tax filer statement) 
  • 2015 (or most recent)  income tax return for student (if filed) 
  • 2015 (or most recent)  income tax return for noncustodial parent, if applicable (or non-tax filer statement)

**Non-tax filer statements will be available after January 1, 2016

If a tax return is not filed in your country, submit a statement from parents’ employers documenting most recent year's annual earnings.