Included in your cost of attendance is an allowance for books and supplies to recognize that you will incur these expenses.  You should be prepared to pay for books and supplies and personal items out of pocket from your expected parent or student contribution (summer earnings) when you arrive on campus. 

If you do not have available funds from your expected student contribution for buying your books once on campus you have two options:

1.     You may borrow a loan to assist in paying for your books. If you are interested in this option please email the Office of Financial Aid to request a loan. 

• Once you accept the loan online, it is applied to your student account. Assuming your bill was paid in full, you may request a refund of the loan proceeds through the Bursar's Office and reimburse yourself for the cost of the books.

 2.  With your Brown ID, you may use your Bookstore line of credit to "charge" your book purchases to your student account

• Students have an annual $2,000 maximum credit line available .
• Any amount charged at the Bookstore will automatically appear as a charge on your student account, which is payable within 30 days (or late payment penalities may apply).