The Office of Financial Aid determines your financial need upon review of your financial aid application. Financial need is determined by subtracting the calculated family contribution from the cost of attending Brown.

Cost of Attendance(COA) - Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = Financial Need

The EFC is composed of (1) the Student Contribution from Summer Earnings, (2) the Student Contribution from Assets, and (3) the Parent Contribution. The Student Contribution from Summer Earnings is a standard amount that is evaluated each year. All students at Brown are expected to contribute from their summer income to defray the costs of their education. The Student Contribution from Assets and the Parent Contribution are the result of a series of calculations explained in the Needs Analysis section on our web site.

Let's assume the following:

Cost of Attendance $82,670
Student Contribution from Summer Earnings    - $2,900 
Student Contribution from Assets -$500 
Parent Contribution -$24,000 
Financial Need $55,270

Once our office has determined the level of financial need, we create a financial aid package. A package is created in this order:

  • State and/or Federal Grants
  • Standard amount of work-study/campus employment (see Student Effort Levels for details)
  • Remaining need in University Scholarship

Using our sample student above, below is an example of an award:

    Financial Aid Package
University Scholarship $52,320
Work-Study/Campus Employment $2,950
Total Financial Aid $55,270

Please note, the examples above are based on the current standard Student Contribution from Summer Earnings for returning students, which is $2,900.  For the 2021-22 academic year, the estimated Student Contribution from Summer Earnings for first year students is $2,700.  

** The above example is not a guarantee of an expected package.  This package exists to demonstrate the components of a Brown University financial aid package.

Brown University has developed specific initiatives to assist families with meeting their demonstrated financial need. For more information about Financial Aid Initiatives Unique to Brown visit the Overview section of our website.