The Expected Student Contribution is the annual contribution that students are expected to provide toward their college costs and consists of a Summer Earnings Expectation and a Student Asset Contribution.

The Summer Earnings Expectation is a standard contribution required by Brown for all students. For the Class of 2018, the summer earnings expectation is $2,600.  Students generally earn these funds during the summer to contribute toward the costs of traveling to Brown and paying for books once they arrive on campus.

If you cannot earn the summer earnings expectation, you may either use an outside scholarship or borrow loan funds to replace any unearned summer earnings. If the balance on your account is $0, the proceeds will produce a credit balance, which can be refunded to you through a request to the Bursar's Office.

1. Use an outside scholarship to replace your summer earnings

  • When completing the 2014-15 Outside Scholarship Form, indicate that you would like to use your outside scholarship to reduce your Summer Earnings Expectation.

2. Borrow a student loan to replace summer earnings

  • If you are interested in this option, email to request a loan. Include in your request the amount of loan you wish to borrow for the year; any amount we offer to you will be split in half and applied to each semester of enrollment.

 The Student Asset Contribution is an expected percentage of students’ reported assets. Not all students have an expected contribution from assets.