How the Financial Aid application process works.

a. Student applies for admission to the Graduate School at Brown University

b. Some programs have their own Department Financial Aid Application and/or DEADLINES. Check your Department or Program  website to be sure.

c. Department/Program reviews admission application.

d. The student’s admission and funding decision is communicated by the Graduate School.

e. If a U.S citizen or eligible permanent resident is interested in Federal loans, the student should also submit a Free Applcation for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. If the student is accepted and will matriculate at Brown University, the Office of Financial Aid will offer the student  his/her loan eligibility in late Spring of the upcoming fall for which the student will enroll.


FAFSA Requirements

Graduate students who are U.S. citizens and/or eligible permanent residents are requested to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) online. PhD candidates should file no later than November 1st once s/he decides to enroll at Brown University. Masters candidates who file the FAFSA to also apply for Federal loans should apply in sufficient time to ensure loan processing before the tuition bill due dates. This is generally June for the Fall semester billing and November for the Spring semester billing.

Although most funding provided by Brown University to graduate students is merit based, some funding (e.g. stipends) may be subsidized by Federal government funds. In these cases, the FAFSA is required. If a FAFSA is not already on file for a student who receives such funds, the student will be required to complete the FAFSA in order to continue receiving any Brown funding. Many graduate applicants and/or students find that completing the FAFSA is beneficial anyway, in order to apply for Federal loans or any need based external support.