Q. What is a SPRINT Award?

A. SPRINT (Summer/Semester Projects for Research, Internship, Teaching) serves as the umbrella application for funded experiential learning opportunities, including BrownConnect LINKs, UTRAs, and other awards.

Q. How can I learn more about SPRINT awards and the application process?

A. The SPRINT award program is administered by CareeLAB in collaboration with BrownConnect, the Swearer Center and the College.  Please visit the CareerLAB website for full details of the program, including information on opportunities, the application process, and funding eligibility.


Summer Earnings Waivers (SEW)

Q. What is a Summer Earnings Waiver (SEW)?

A. Summer Earnings Waivers (SEWs) are awarded in conjunction with summer SPRINT awards to University Scholarship eligible students.   Eligible recipients are provided additional scholarship funding to replace the  Summer Earnings Expectation portion of the Student Contribution (also referred to as Student Responsibility) within their financial aid offer. The portion of the Student Contribution (SC) waived will not exceed the standard summer earnings expectation and is subject to annual review.

Q. Who is eligible for a Summer Earnings Waiver and how do I apply?

A. Aided students who receive University Scholarship and receive a summer SPRINT award may be eligible for a SEW.  SPRINT applicants are automatically considered for a SEW when applying to the program – no separate application is required.  The Office of Financial aid works closely with CareerLAB to determine a student’s SEW eligibility.

Students are eligible for a (SPRINT related) SEW only one time during their four years at Brown; for example, if a student secures a SPRINT LINK award with corresponding SEW in his/her first summer at Brown, and a SPRINT UTRA the second summer, s/he will only receive a SEW with the first award (the LINK in the first summer and not again with the UTRA). 

Receipt of the SEW is contingent on a student’s eligibility for University Scholarship in the academic year following the summer SPRINT award.  As such, the SEW is not transferrable to another academic year.  This is the case even if a student takes a leave of absence, or is otherwise not enrolled, for the academic year following their summer SPRINT experience.    

Q. If I have an outside scholarship, parent tuition benefit, or other outside resources that covers my Summer Earning Expectation, as well as my academic year campus work expectation, am I still eligible for a SEW?

A. A student who has resources that cover the full Student Effort portion of their financial aid offer is not eligible for a SEW. In this case, a SEW is not needed as the Summer Earnings Expectation is essentially already "waived" by the receipt of the outside resource(s).  A SEW is only awarded to a student who does not have other resources that automatically cover their full Summer Earnings Expectation and academic year work expectation. 


Summer Financial Aid

Based on Brown's "Plan for a Healthy and Safe 2020-21" and the decision to "offer three equal terms of instruction, arranging for undergraduate students to be enrolled in classes for two of these three terms", Brown's traditional Summer session will not be offered.  As such, students applied for financial aid as they normally would have for the 2020-2021 academic year and have received notification of their aid eligibility for the two terms that they are expected to attend.

Students who were on a leave of absence in the fall or spring term and have been approved to enroll for summer 2021 (for their second academic term of 2020-21) should have already submitted application materials for the current aid year. Financial aid recipients will be notified of their aid eligibility shortly after confirming their intent to enroll.  Financial aid for these students will be assessed in the same manner as the Fall and Spring terms, with standard academic year initiatives and policies in place.

Petition for an Exception to Enroll in a 3rd Term at Brown for 2020-21 (Summer 2021)

Students who were enrolled in both the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters and would like to take one or two Brown Undergraduate Classes during Summer 2021, must speak with their Academic Advisor and Petition for an Exception to enroll in an academic 3rd term during the Summer of 2021.   Students should also review Summer 2021 Enrollment for information on enrollment eligibility, policies, and the petition process.  If approved, you may be eligible for limited aid for summer, as outlined in the Q&A.

Endowed Scholarships

Q. How does receiving an endowed scholarship affect my financial aid award?

A. Receiving an endowed scholarship does not affect your financial aid award. Approximately 25% of University Scholarships are funded by gifts to the University from benefactors. Some benefactors require that the gift be awarded to a student who fulfills specific criteria. If you receive a letter indicating that you have been matched to an endowed scholarship, it simply means your academic and/or personal profile matches the requirements of a benefactor who endowed a University Scholarship. 

Each year, all University Scholarship recipients are asked to fill out a survey that is used to complete the scholarship matching process and share student stories with donors. Survey responses also fit together to form a personal, narrative ‘thank you’ letter to those who support Brown's financial aid.

This survey can be accessed by clicking the following link and logging into our scholarship database with your Brown username and password: https://brown.academicworks.com/users/sign_in