Graduate School Financial Aid from Brown University is, for the most part, merit based. This means that a student’s academic promise (and not necessarily financial need) will be considered for Brown funding. International students are considered equally as students who are U.S. Citizens.

Students/Applicants apply for financial aid consideration through their application for Admission. All funding decisions are administered by the department or program.

PhD candidates who are accepted into the Graduate School are guaranteed five years of support.

Financial aid for Master’s students varies among programs. Thus, students should consult with their individual department to determine how funding recommendations and decisions are made. Masters in Teaching (MAT) and the Masters in Fine Arts  (MFA/Trinity Rep) do consider financial need in their funding decisions. Applications for financial aid for each of these departments is on their respective program specific website

Funding decisions are ultimately approved by the Graduate School and are provided with the student’s official notification of admission. For more information please visit the Graduate School’s Funding and Support webpage.

Department based deadlines.....

Most Departments/Programs impose admission application deadlines; some also have specific financial aid deadlines as well. Student applicants are highly encouraged to review the admission/financial aid requirements of their intended program