Prior to Brown University's current need-blind admission policy, Brown met 100% of the calculated need of an admitted student, whether a U.S. or International Citizen, who applied for financial aid at the time of application for admission to the University. If the University's resources did not allow us to do so, we would deny a candidate admission rather than fail to meet his/her need. Therefore, indicating the need for financial aid on the admission application was an essential factor for receiving aid. Need-blind admission has not changed these financial aid policies for those admitted prior to the Class of 2007.

Students admitted prior to the Class of 2007, who are returning from a leave of absence, must contact the Office of Financial Aid to establish their eligibility for University Scholarship. Although readmission decisions are rendered by the Office of the Dean of the College, the Office of Financial Aid independently determines a student’s aid eligibility. Awarding of University Scholarship will be based upon dependency and aid status at the time of admission, as well as possible current individual circumstances. Students who did not apply for financial aid at the time of their initial admission will be considered for institutional funding after submitting a minimum of two annual on-time financial aid applications. The student would not be eligible to receive University Scholarship funding for at least the first two semesters of full-time reenrollment at Brown. However, students may apply for federal assistance, consisting of loans, grants and work-study, at any time regardless of their institutional financial aid status. Returning international students, who were admitted without financial aid, are not eligible to receive financial aid during their time at Brown.