Receiving outside scholarships and tuition benefits is an excellent way to help reduce your need to work and/or borrow student loans while at Brown. When you receive an outside scholarship, our office is required to reevaluate your financial aid package and account for the additional resource. Keep in mind that federal regulations stipulate that an outside scholarship cannot be used to reduce your parent contribution. 

Note: This policy does not apply to entitlement awards (State Scholarships, Pell Grants and Federal SEOG). Receipt of these funds will result in dollar for dollar reduction in University Scholarship

Outside scholarships can be used to reduce the following:

  • Student Contribution from Summer Earnings
  • Work-Study/Campus Employment Expectation
  • Loans

When you reduce the components of your package listed above, you may reduce the entire student expectation, or what we call student-effort (loans, work-study/campus employment and summer earnings expectation).

Brown's Summer Earnings expectation is reevaluated each year. For the 2017-18 academic year, the minimum expectation is as follows:

Freshman $2,700
Sophomore $3,150
Junior $3,150
Senior $3,150

For more details on what is required of you in regard to outside scholarships, along with some examples, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.