Receiving outside scholarships and tuition benefits is an excellent way to help reduce your need to work and/or borrow student loans while at Brown. Keep in mind that federal regulations stipulate that an outside scholarship cannot be used to reduce your parents' expected contribution. When you receive an outside scholarship, our office is required to reevaluate your financial aid package and account for the additional resource. Outside scholarships can be used to reduce the following:

  • Loan Award
  • Summer Earnings Expectation
  • Campus Employment

While the above is a basic explanation of our Outside Scholarship Policy, it is important that you understand how it actually works. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions on our web site where you can review several examples that will help you understand what happens when you recive an outside scholarship. We have also provided a few tips that may help stretch your outside scholarship dollars a bit further. Listed below are several links to search engines where you can investigate and apply for various outside scholarship opportunities. To learn more about how the receipt of an outside scholarship will affect your financial aid award, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.