Office of Global Engagement

2015/2016 Global Experiential Learning and Teaching (GELT) Grants Awarded

October 16, 2015

The Office of Global Engagement is pleased to announce the recipients of the third round of the Global Experiential Learning and Teaching (GELT) grant competition. The GELT program, unveiled in the summer of 2014, provides support for faculty to embed an education abroad component into an on-campus course.

The recipients of the 2015/2016 GELT grant competition:

Phase One: Curriculum Development

  • Caroline Frank for a course being developed in Spring 2017, titled Collecting Culture: Indigenous Artifacts in North America and Taiwan in which the professor hopes to take the class to Taiwan

Phase Two: Curriculum Implementation 

  • Sarah Tobin’s course, Displacement and Refugees in the Middle East, will travel to Jordan in Fall 2016;
  • Harold Roth’s course, The History, Philosophy and Practice of Rinzai Zen Buddhism, will travel to Japan in Spring 2016;
  • Peter Van Dommelen’s course, Cities, Colonies and Global Networks in the West Mediterranean, will travel to Spain in Spring 2016

The GELT grant is funded in partnership with the offices of Academic Development and Diversity and the Dean of the College. Grant recipients receive funds for advanced seminars or capstone courses at the undergraduate or graduate level that include international travel prior to, during, or at the end of the course. Regular members of the Brown faculty who have an established relationship with colleagues at a university, cultural/historical organization, NGO, for-profit, or government entity abroad are eligible for the award. There are two levels: Phase One - Curriculum Development grants provide up to $4,000 for the development of a new course with a travel abroad component, and Phase Two: Curriculum Implementation grants provide up to $35,000 to support travel, accommodations, and related costs for one faculty member and up to 12 Brown students to a destination that complements the topic studied during the semester.

More information about the program is available online.

The inaugural round of grants was announced in August 2014. The Office of Global Engagement announced the third round 2015 Global Experiential Learning and Teaching (GELT) grant competition in July 2015.

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