Office of Global Engagement

The 14th Annual Washington International Education Conference | January 25-26, 2015

November 30, 2015

The 14th Washington International Education Conference will take place at the University of California Washington, D.C. Center, and Embassies and sponsoring organizations throughout Washington on January 25-26, 2016.

The Washington International Education Council is dedicated to helping international students reach the highest levels of academic excellence. They believe in the vital role international education exchange plays in building bridges between cultures throughout the world. The WIEC hope you find their information and services useful to you.

The Washington International Education Council assists universities and language programs with international student enrollment management services, organizes educational conferences, publishes information on educational opportunities in North America, provides counseling and placement assistance to international students and supports the design and development of new programs for institutions and sponsoring agencies.

The WIEC is the only conference that gives you access to key embassy personnel and the latest trends in international student recruiting, admissions and campus life. Walk away with practical knowledge and tips that can immediately enhance your international recruitment program.

Register now! Registration and payment for the Conference is required by January 15, 2016

For additional information, please contact:
Washington International
Education Council
330 Hart Road, North Potomac, MD 20878
P: (301) 947-0015 • F: (800) 820-0779
Email: [email protected]