Office of Global Engagement

Course and Study Tour to Israel/Palestine

September 16, 2016

UNIV 1001 - The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Contested Narratives| Wintersession, 2017

Professor: David Jacobson

Location: Israel/Palestine

Dates: January 3 - January 20, 2017 (Travel Dates: January 11-19)

Description: In this seminar and study tour to Israel/Palestine, students will compare the radically different narratives that Palestinians and Israelis tell themselves and the world about their struggle over Palestine/Israel. Sources will include historical documents, memoirs, and historical accounts of the conflict by Israelis and Palestinians. Students will read works of fiction and view films that present the story of the conflict from both perspectives. Students will also explore efforts by Israelis and Palestinians to transcend their conflicting narratives and attain mutual understanding.

No prerequisites. Limited to 12 students

Application Process: Students interested in taking this course should request an application form from the instructor: [email protected].

The application deadline is September 16. An interview will follow the application submission. Students will be notified of the instructor's selection decision before registration opens in early October.

For questions and to request a copy of the application form, contact Professor Jacobson at [email protected]