Office of Global Engagement

State of the Field 2016: Archaeology of Egypt

September 23, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016 - Saturday, September 24, 2016

Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology
Brown University, Rhode Island Hall, 60 George Street, Providence, RI

The Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology will host a workshop called State of the Field 2016: Archaeology of Egypt on September 23-24, 2016. The workshop will have four sessions, each dealing with the ways in which boundaries are being broken in Egyptian archaeology:

  • Temporally, Egyptian archaeology is changing as it incorporates both new periods–pre- and post-pharaonic–and as it breaks free of its traditional role as the handmaiden of history. 
  • Geographically, Egyptian archaeology is bringing increasing nuance to the exploration of relations between Egyptians and other places and peoples. 
  • Methodologically, Egyptian archaeology draws on recent advances in technologies and techniques ranging from remote sensing to bioarchaeology. 
  • Politically, Egyptian archaeology had and has to adapt to new regulations and changing policy within the Supreme Council of Antiquities, now the Ministry of State for Antiquities, as well as to deal with increased security problems and looting due to post-revolution events. New projects also aim at involving local archaeologists and organizing field schools.

These four sessions are meant to highlight the ways in which the field is still struggling in each area, how it can improve, and why it needs to do so. We wish to appeal to a broad audience of archaeologists, and to take feedback from their experiences excavating outside of Egypt to inform the development of our own field.

This workshop is free and open to the public. No registration or RSVP is required.

For the schedule and a list of speakers, visit our workshop website: 

Please contact [email protected] with questions or for additional information.