Office of Global Engagement

Funding Opportunities for Brown University Faculty and Students

November 1, 2016

Faculty Curriculum Development Grant (Due: November 1, 2016) Up to $4,000
Eligibility: Faculty
These are grants to faculty who are developing new courses or revising existing ones by inviting guest speakers, adding readings or developing other initiatives that will bring global health content to the subject matter of the course.

Explore Grants (Due: Rolling) Up to $5,000
Eligibility: Student entrepreneursThe Explore Grants provide seed money (up to $500) for new, promising ventures at the earliest stages when funding is so difficult to secure from investors. They also offer these ventures the opportunity to apply for three levels of progressively increasing funding using a gated award system.

Cogut Humanities Research Group Grants (Due: Rolling) Up to $5,000
Eligibility: Faculty members and graduate students
The Cogut Center sponsors semester-long Humanities Research Groups that aim to foster collaboration by faculty members and graduate students from diverse departments who share common research interests. Groups meet periodically during the semester (usually twice a month) to discuss works in progress and to host guest scholars invited by the participants.

Graduate Council Conference Fund (Due: Rolling) Up to $200 - $300
Eligibility: Graduate students
The Graduate Council Conference Fund provides financial support to graduate students that have been invited to present research and are ineligible for financial assistance from other sources (Graduate School, home department, or external sources).

Graduate Council Event Funding (Due: Rolling) Up to $400
Eligibility: Graduate students or student groups
The Graduate Council Event Funding seeks to promote the co-sponsoring of events or activities that are of interest to the Brown University graduate student body.

Grant Resubmission Awards (Due: Rolling) Up to $15,000)
Eligibility: Faculty researchers
Grant Resubmission Awards, a pilot program for 2015-2016, provides support for investigators to improve an already highly-rated proposal for resubmission. The awards will be for up to $15,000. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. 2016 Application Guidelines.


Graduate International Colloquium Fund (Due: May 15, 2016) Up to $5,000
EligibilityGraduate students
The Graduate International Colloquium Fund supports collaborative campus-based activity that will strengthen or expand Brown University’s connection with the wider world of academic knowledge production, or that will provide new international perspectives on graduate students’ ongoing work.

Faculty Travel Fund (Due: May 15, 2016) Up to $1500 + $600
EligibilityBrown campus-based faculty
The Faculty Travel Fund is designated to support professional travel, including trips to attend conferences and to conduct scholarly research or field work, during any fiscal year, July 1-June 30. Faculty may apply for reimbursement for more than one trip per academic year, with a total reimbursement cap of $1,500. Faculty are also eligible for a one-time extra supplement of up to $600 for a single trip to present a paper at an international conference.