Office of Global Engagement

Transpacific Taiwan: An International Symposium

November 14, 2016

This symposium turns to Taiwan as a case for understanding the political, social, and cultural dynamics of the Transpacific as a historical space. For most of its modern history since 1600, Taiwan has been a transoceanic crossroads for people and commodities, and most importantly, it has been a proving ground for ideas—of political identity, of technological innovation, of social movements, and cultural hybridity. This event intends to generate a discussion built upon Taiwan’s deep-rooted historical engagements in both Eastern and Western colonial and imperial strategies and subjectivities to not only reconceptualize new Pacific histories but to assert a transpacific method, contained within the case of Taiwan.

This event is sponsored by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, the History Department, American Studies Department and the Office of Global Engagement.

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