Tom Perez, labor secretary under President Obama and current chair of the Democratic National Committee, has been named a senior fellow at the University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.

“It's a great honor to welcome Brown graduate Tom Perez to Watson this fall,” said Watson Director Edward Steinfeld in a Sept. 6 announcement from the Institute. “He brings vast experience in local and national politics, and will undoubtedly help all of us, students and faculty alike, apply theory and research to real world challenges. What an extraordinary opportunity for all of us to learn from Tom and the numerous guests he’ll bring to campus from across the political spectrum."

Perez, who graduated from Brown in 1983, will engage with students, faculty, and visitors during his one-year appointment, sharing insight and knowledge gained from the years he served as a member of President Obama's administration, as a local organizer, and as a first-generation college student at the University.