Office of Global Engagement

About Us

Our Mission

The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) supports Brown University ’s faculty and students by leading, advocating, and coordinating initiatives, projects, and activities centered on international and transnational research, education, and collaboration within specific schools, departments, centers, and/or across the institution.


The OGE core functions comprise a wide‐ranging set of activities that facilitate processes for faculty and students to approach scholarship, teaching, and service from a global perspective. To implement its mission, the Office of Global Engagement, in concert with the senior campus leadership, faculty, and administrative offices:

  • Supports the creation and implementation of programs and projects that respond to Brown's strategic plan to connect faculty and students to the global community; 
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for, consults on, and coordinates the development and approval of international operations policies;  

  • Coordinates the activities of internationally focused programs and initiatives across the campus;

  • Advises on, reviews, and vets the development and implementation of strategic partnerships with select peer overseas institutions in priority countries;  

  • Develops and administers resources, including internal and external funding opportunities, to sustain and expand upon Brown's international, transnational, transcultural, and intercultural educational and research activities

  • Coordinates campus visits of international visitors representing institutions of higher education, governments, and industries;

  • Works in consultation with the Global Engagement Advisory Committee;

  • Counsels the Provost and President on emerging and existing international activities and opportunities based on guidance assessment of the Global Engagement Advisory Committee.