Office of Global Engagement

Establishing Global Collaborations

The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) is the central institutional facilitator and coordinator for the development of global collaborations and, as such, has established protocols and procedures for the review of the establishment of new and renewal agreements. 

To establish a new or renew an existing collaboration, please download the Guidelines to Establish an International Collaborations under "Related Files." 

Please note that the overall review process will take several weeks or months from proposal submission to finalization of the document, depending on the complexity of the agreement and number of other offices involved in the review.  This timeline includes the review of the agreement by the international partner institution. Many Brown internal offices involved often have lengthy queues, so please plan this in your timeline when coordinating with international collaborating institution(s).  The OGE will do its best to expedite the process, but cannot guarantee turnaround times.