Tuition Aid Program

The Brown University Tuition Aid Program (TAP) benefit offers undergraduate tuition assistance for the eligible natural or legally adopted dependent child (ren) of eligible campus based active faculty and staff.

Effective July 1, 2016 the tuition amount has been increased by 4.00%, the percent equal to the increase in the University’s tuition. The amount for academic year 2016/2017 will be up to $11,250.00.

To learn more about program eligibility, benefits, and administration, please refer to information listed on right side of this page:

  • Tuition Aid Program for Campus Based Faculty and Staff
    • designed to serve as general information and does not include all terms and conditions of the plan

The terms and conditions included in the Tuition Aid Program as approved by the Corporation and amended from time to time control and any conflict or omissions shall be resolved in accordance with the governing documents.

To participate in TAP, eligible employees must submit an application each academic year participating for every dependent child. A new application is required in the event eligible dependent child (ren) change schools during any academic year.

 Applications are accepted throughout the year. Form listed on right side of this page. Submit to the Benefits Office for timely processing: Box 1879, 164 Angell Street, Providence, RI 02912.

  • fall semester - submit by early June
  • spring semester - submit by early December

 The TAP benefit may affect eligible dependent child (ren)'s financial aid package, scholarship, or other financial awards. For specific information, contact the Financial Aid office at the dependent child (ren)'s school.

For questions regarding TAP benefits, please contact Norah Bradbury at 401-863-1788 or e-mail: