Brown Takes Care - Why We Care

"As University Ombuds, I care deeply about fairness and equity. Please let us remember regularly to socially distance, wear a mask, and use hand sanitizer, to make sure that everyone in the Brown and greater Providence community regardless of age, health condition, or economic circumstance - has the best chance to stay healthy and safe during this precarious time. Following these vital public health measures will allow each of us to do our part in not only taking care of ourselves, but also in taking care of each other." - Julie Weber, Brown University Ombuds

"I wear this mask for every student in my class, for every member of the cleaning staff that takes care of this space before and after we enter it, and for every member of our community who comes here, too. I wear it for your sisters and brothers, for your grandmother, for my children. I wear it for strangers so that someday we might be able to meet each other." - Matthew Guterl, Professor of Africana Studies and American Studies

University Human Resources Leadership Team Top Block

Jose Mendoza, Financial Coordinator

"I wear a mask and practice social distancing to let you know that I see you, I want to protect you, and I am protecting myself and my loved ones."

Jose Mendoza
Maria Fontes

Maria Fontes, Custodial Shift Assistant

"As part of the Facilities Management team here at Brown University, we care by ensuring everyone’s safety by thoroughly sanitizing to help deter the spread of COVID-19."

Lizette Martinez

Lizette Martinez, Administrative Coordinator, Special Collections and Library Events

Janet Blume

Janet Blume, Deputy Dean of the Faculty

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson, Electrician

"I wear my mask for my family, my friends and because in FM, I care and #wecare about Brown."

Blue Room Staff

"The Blue Room cares because we know coffee makes your morning a little brighter!"

Blue Room Staff
Kate Manz, ENG

Kate Manz, Postdoctoral Fellow in Engineering

"I wear a mask and use social distancing while working in the lab to remain safe and help protect my lab mates. The safe practices we have implemented in our lab, such as floor tape marking 6' from commonly used areas, disinfecting equipment after use, and keeping diligent contact tracing logs, will help keep us healthy. By doing so, we remain safe together and show that we care about one another."

University Human Resources Leadership Team Bottom Block