Supplemental Pay and Bonuses

Supplemental Pay

The University may supplement an employee's pay when he or she assumes additional assignments at a higher level or temporarily fills a vacant position at a higher grade than the current position. Pay supplements are recommended by the employee's department head and must be approved by the appropriate senior officer.

For an employee to receive a pay supplement, the following criteria must be met:

  • The assignment duration is a minimum of one month and not longer than one year
  • The department head requesting the additional assignment demonstrates that the assignment results from either an additional need for a service or function, or from circumstances such as the prolonged absence of another staff member or a vacancy in the department
  • The new duties are at a higher level than the employee's current job duties
  • Budgetary provisions exist to meet the cost of the additional compensation

For additional detail please refer to the Staff Compensation Administration policy.


A bonus may be awarded upon completion of special assignments and/or projects however a bonus might not be appropriate to use when an employee is filling in for someone at a higher level.

The extraordinary accomplishment of a special assignment and/or project should require considerable extra effort and time, be outside the scope of the individual's Job Description, and not performed on a continuing basis. Special pay for extraordinary accomplishment may be used to recognize special assignments and/or projects which meet the following criteria:

  • They are extraordinary in nature;
  • They are non-recurring; and,
  • They require significant effort well beyond a position's defined scope or working hours.
  • The employee must have been rated as "Proficient" or "Highly Accomplished" on the most recent performance evaluation.
  • The employee must be a regular employee and not temporary employee. 

Nonexempt employees should always be compensated for extra hours worked in accordance with the Exempt and Non-exempt Employee Pay policy. Part-time employees should have their additional hours reflected on the appropriate time sheets.

Determining Award Amounts for a Staff Bonus

Bonuses should be granted in increments of $100, up to a maximum of 10% of an employee's base salary. The dollar amount should be in relation to the size and scope of the special assignment and/or project completed. The minimum amount should be $300. The duration of the special assignment or project must have exceeded eight weeks.

A bonus is awarded as a lump sum payment, not added to the base salary, and the employee does not receive benefits on these dollars. It may be granted at any time during the fiscal year and must be funded from existing budget dollars. It is awarded upon the successful conclusion of the special assignment and/or project.

Specific requests should be approved by the department head and senior officer and submitted to the Compensation Services of Human Resources a Staff Bonus Request Form