Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is part of the process of supporting those with COVID-19 and warning contacts of exposure in order to stop chains of transmission (CDC). The below individuals are responsible for contact tracing for University staff and faculty.

HR Contact Tracing Operations Team:

  • Kimberly Almeida, Director Benefits Operations
  • Jeffrey Jakulevicius, Benefits Compliance Analyst
  • Jennifer McKay, Worklife Program Manager
  • Christina Bernier, Administrative and Financial Analyst
  • Stephanie Romano, Leave and Accommodation Manager

The University’s Campus Safety policy requires that all University members maintain a journal to identify their individuals with whom they have been in contact, which is commonly referred to as a “contact tracing journal.”

This document provides guidance to maintain a journal of contacts to identify individuals whom you have come in contact within the event you have tested positive for COVID-19 or potentially been exposed to COVID-19. You will be asked by University Human Resources (UHR) about individuals at work and/or the RI Department of Health (RIDOH) about all contacts in and outside of work to produce this information as part of the process when you have been exposed to, or tested positive for, COVID-19.

Since COVID-19 is transmitted by community spread, a contact tracing journal is a critical component to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to other colleagues, family members, and community members so that they may self-quarantine and/or be tested. The journal should be maintained on a daily basis.

If you are working on campus or have been approved to return to campus to work, you must create and maintain a log of other colleagues with whom you have been in contact in a journal.

Your journal should be a document maintained daily and consist of the following information by calendar date:

  • Names of colleagues in contact with you.  Consider names of colleagues who have been in contact with you:
    • Less than six feet apart for more than 15 minutes; and
    • Had physical contact with you in the last 48 hours before receiving a positive test result or being exposed.
  • Estimated time that you were in contact with colleagues (e.g., 10:15am-10:46am)
  • Location of the building and room. If the building has more than one floor, write the floor number, and the section of the floor (e.g., first floor of the medical school; at the front door entrance to the café)​