Performance Development & Planning

Brown's Performance Development Program

The 2019 Annual Performance Evaluation Process will launch February 27, 2020. Forms are due to each department’s Performance Partner by April 3, 2020. Performance conversations with staff should be held no later than June 2020

The goal of a performance development process is to provide staff with meaningful feedback about work performance and to identify opportunities for continued professional growth.

Staff Self-Appraisal

Staff may actively participate in performance development by completing a self-appraisal. Self-appraisals allow a staff member to reflect on their accomplishments and challenges during the past year, and determine where additional professional development would be valuable.  The self-appraisal form is available in Workday. Click here for the job aid: Completing a Self-Appraisal. 

Annual Performance Evaluation

  • Brown uses a 3-point scale of exceptional, effective, and requires improvement. The effective rating covers a broad range of performance and assumes that there can be high and low variations within performance that is effective overall. The intent of an annual review is to prompt comprehensive conversations about employee performance without undue attention to whether an overall rating of effective means that the employee “meets” or “at times exceeds” expectations.
  • Core competencies define a set of institutional expectations for all staff that reflect Brown's values.  These core competencies may be used to craft meaningful performance conversations between managers and direct reports.
  • An appraisal form will be delivered to each manager’s Workday inbox for each regular and fixed term staff member in their supervisory organization. Managers should use the same form template for all similarly-situated staff; please refer to Workday Learning to review the job aid for Completing Annual Appraisals in Workday.

Email [email protected] with your questions about Brown’s performance development program.