Compensation Information

Compensation and Organizational Services provides information, analysis and support to managers, chairs, department and division heads on how staff and salary resources could be more effectively distributed by developing more effective organizational structures, work flow and systems including the use of technology.

In addition, Compensation and Organizational Services provides advice on job description development, evaluates jobs to assign job grades and advise managers on determining appropriate salaries and increases for staff using market data and internal peer data.

Compensation Management also includes the annual Salary Increase Process, Bonus Awards and maintaining compliance with the Federal Wage and hour laws.

Salary Spread Practice

Staff who occupy exempt positions with standard schedules of less than 12 months but greater than 9 months a year, are eligible to spread their pay over the full year effective with the new fiscal year, July 1st.

In May/June each year an e-mail notification is distributed by University Human Resources to eligible exempt staff about the opportunity to spread their salary beginning with the first pay period in July of that year. Staff members who elect this option must complete the Salary Spread Form, sign it, and submit it to their department's Human Resources Coordinator, or their supervisor, for processing. The Salary Spread Forms are retained in University Human Resources. The e-mail sent to staff in May/June provides information about how spreading their pay affects their paycheck, instructions for completing the form and a link to the Salary Spread Form.

Staff may only elect the spread option at the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1st.  Staff hired after July 1 do not have the option to spread their pay. Staff who elect this option agree to pay the University by payroll deduction for any un-earned pay if: they transfer to another position/department; they are promoted/demoted to another position; they go out on an unpaid leave of absence; their position is changed to a 12-month position; or they separate from the University prior to the end of the fiscal year.

University Human Resources will work with the HR Coordinator to ensure the information in Workday is updated. The HR Coordinator must contact the Payroll Office about calculating the pay status of staff that have their salary spread who separate from the University.