Temporary Employment

Brown’s partner for temporary employment needs is nextSource/Unique Advantage, a one-stop sole source strategic resource for filling temporary positions. They will recruit directly and/or deploy a broad network of suppliers to identify the best available resource to fill your work need efficiently and at the right price. In many instances, Unique Advantage can place a well-qualified fully screened candidate in your position within just a few days.

Where Do I Start?

  • Identify the skill set required to do the job.
  • Describe the work to be done, scheduled hours, and other information on an Order Request Form.  Note: If you have a preferred supplier or a pre-identified candidate, note this on the form. 
  • Contact Ashley Kosman to set up a user name and password in order to access the nextSource/Unique Advantage electronic system

Unique Advantage Onsite Program Specialists

Ashley Kosman

Program Specialist

Phone: (917) 818-2326

Email: Brown@nextsource.com

Lisa Buckley

Program Manager

Phone: (401) 480-7282

Email: Brown@nextsource.com

Important Reminders

  • Departmental funds must be available to hire temporary staff.
  • Dollars used for a temporary placement through Unique Advantage are not subject to Brown’s fringe benefit overhead rate, and temporary staff placements are not eligible for the annual rate increases  required under Brown’s annual performance and merit programs for staff.

Billing & Payment Information

  1. A purchase order number is required before an order for temporary help can be completed.
  2. If you exceed the limit on the Purchase Order, a change order will be necessary.
  3. Supervisors must approve submitted hours using the nextSource/Unique Advantage's TAMS electronic system.
  4. One bill will be sent each week consolidating temporary expenses at Brown for that week. 
  5. UHR will receipt the invoice in Workday and forward to Accounts Payable for processing. 
  6. Billed hours can be reviewed in TAMS and payments tracked in Workday.

Read our FAQs about temporary hiring.