Onboarding Staff and Faculty

Orientation is not a one-day event; rather, it's an ongoing process that ensures a smooth transition to Brown University. Getting your employee off to a good start depends on you, the supervisor, to reduce the learning curve and increase the chances of success. As a result, your new employee will have a better understanding of Brown, your department, and the direction for the future!

Before the Employee Arrives

  • Send a departmental Welcome! information packet
  • Determine New Employee Orientation date with Human Resources
  • Communicate necessary departmental information
  • Notify colleagues in your department
  • Prepare and organize a work station and supplies
  • Identify a staff member to act as a mentor
  • Arrange for building, office and desk keys
  • Prepare a list of contacts
  • Have business cards/notepads printed
  • Provide a daily planner/calendar

First Day on the Job

  • Escort employee to The Brown Business Center on the 2nd floor of J Walter Wilson, 69 Brown Street, Room 213, to complete the Form I9
  • Review department mission, strategic goals, and organization
  • Review pertinent policies such as overtime, attendance, dress standards, and payroll timing.
  • Department introductions
  • Tour your department's building and the campus
  • Review office machines
  • Schedule private time
  • Take employee to lunch
  • Host a departmental reception to welcome your new employee

The First Week on the Job

  • Set up email and other system access
  • Review work area to ensure equipment/systems set up
  • Set up standing meetings
  • Clarify benefits and other policies if necessary
  • Review appropriate office procedures
  • Discuss goals and performance expectations for the next 6 months; explain the timing and purpose
    of the probationary period.
  • Ensure all paperwork is complete
  • Escort employee to New Employee Orientation in the Petteruti Lounge at the Stephen Robert Campus Center
  • Add new employee's name to all department communications
  • Inform Brown community, if necessary
  • Set up a regular time to meet (daily or weekly) to discuss progress

Within the First Month of Employment

  • Review job description and performance expectations
  • Revisit goals and progress toward achieving them
  • Get to know the HR representatives for your department and central Human Resources
  • Schedule performance development meeting
  • Assess employee's knowledge of department software/hardware
  • Ensure employee has signed up for benefits prior to deadlines
  • Connect employee with The Center for Learning and Professional Development