Probationary Periods

The probationary period provides an opportunity for both employees and supervisors to assess how well the employment relationship is working. During this period, employees may resign or be terminated without notice.

The probationary period for employees holding nonexempt positions is three months. For employees working in exempt positions, the probationary period is six months.  Under certain circumstances, probation may be extended for up to three additional months. To extend probation, the supervisor should contact the Director of HR Services or an HR Generalist at least one week prior to the expiration of the original probationary period. When employees are absent from work for a total of 10 working days or more during their probationary periods, the period may be extended by the length of the absence.

A written Probationary Appraisal Form is required for employees working in nonexempt and exempt positions prior to the end of this period. For more information on Probationary Periods see the Probationary Periods policy and contact your Human Resources Generalist.