Exit Interviews

An exit interview is important both for the University and its employees. It gives departing employees the opportunity to share their experience working at Brown, information that provides the University with insight into employee worklife trends. While most employees participate by just submitting an exit interview form online, others choose to also meet with their HR Generalist to discuss their experience further.

The exit interview form contains a series of questions that asks employees to rate their departments and supervisors, and also solicits comments and suggestions for improving the department's work environment. The form is not placed in personnel files, and is used solely to support Brown's efforts to improve its employee's work experiences . Employees may choose to have the information submitted through the form kept fully confidential by simply checking the appropriate box at the end of the form.

Departing employees should call the HR front desk at extension 3-3175 if they have questions about the form, or to schedule a time to meet with a Human Resources Generalist in addition to completing it. 

To complete the exit interview form, click here.