Vaccine Card & Recovery Time

Frequently Asked Questions

If I submitted my vaccine card prior to the announcement on available recovery time,  am I eligible for the sick time credit if I took time off following my vaccine?

Yes, we will be doing a look back and issuing credits from the point we began collecting vaccine cards.

I do not see where to access vaccine-recovery sick time in Workday. Where do I find the additional sick days? 

If you need to take a sick day for recovery from a COVID-19 vaccination, you will take a regular sick day. That sick day will be credited back to you. For the sick day to be credited, your completed vaccination card must be uploaded to Workday. 

How do I upload my COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to Workday? 

Please visit the online “Vaccine Management in Workday” guide for instructions on updating your vaccination card found at

I took a vacation day instead of a sick day. Am I able to get a vacation day back?

If you used a vacation day, please email [email protected] to attest that the vacation day was in support of vaccine receipt or recovery.

I don’t have any sick days available but would like to take a day to recover from my vaccine. What should I do?

If you have no available sick or vacation time please contact the Employee and Labor Relations team at [email protected].

When am I able to take the sick day? Does it have to be the day I receive the vaccination? Can it be the day after? 

The sick time is in support of the day you are vaccinated or in support of your needing a sick day to recover.

How quickly will my sick days be credited back?

Our goal is within 30 days of your submission.

If I am vaccinated abroad and my vaccine is not FDA approved currently, can I still upload it? 

At this time, we are not accepting vaccine cards that are not FDA approved.

If I receive two doses in two different months, and I take one sick day for each dose, but do not upload my card until after the second dose, how do I get credit for my initial sick day which occurred the month prior to my card upload? 

The card is reviewed for the date of your vaccination(s) and credit is issued accordingly.