Hiring a Temporary Worker Using nextSource


nextSource is used for a short-term or project-based need occurring once. nextSource recruits directly and/or deploys a broad network of suppliers to identify the best available resource to fill your work need. In addition, they take all administrative and legal responsibility for paying wages and benefits and submitting local, state, and federal payroll taxes for temporary workers.

NextSource Services

  • Conduct pre-hire screenings and maintain employment records
  • Relieve risks associated with workers’ compensation and other types of insurance
  • Relieve the expense of unemployment for the University
  • Conduct on-boarding and off-boarding processes
  • Protect against misclassification and penalties

Hiring Process

  • Identify the skills required to do the job.
  • Complete the Intake Form including the work need, scheduled hours, etc. NOTE: If you have a preferred supplier or a pre-identified candidate, indicate on the form.
  • Contact Ashley Kosman, Frank Aiello, or Anne Gilroy to set up a username and password to access the NextSource electronic system, VNDLY:

Ashley Kosman
Program Specialist
Phone: 917-818-2326
Email: [email protected]

Frank Aiello
Program Manager
Mobile: 917-818-2339
Email: [email protected]

Anne M. Gilroy
Senior Vice President - Client Services
Mobile: 925-989-9016
Email: [email protected]

Billing & Payment Information

  • Supervisors must approve submitted hours using nextSource & VNDLY electronic system.
  • One bill will be sent weekly to each department for the temporary worker’s approved hours worked for that payroll billing week.
  • nextSource invoices will be sent to the contact on the Intake Form. Review bill and initiate payment in Workday using the Create Supplier Invoice business process; attach the nextSource bill to the Workday supplier invoice.
  • Review billed hours in VNDLY, and track payments in Workday.