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Check out internal resources such as Workday Learning and Brown's Employee Education Program (EEP). Below are other helpful resources. 




Bryant University

The Executive Development Center offers courses and certificates that empower individuals to move to the next level in their professional career.

CLPD Library

We offer a comprehensive, easy-to-use lending library. Log in to library, browse selections, and email CLPD to request books.  Books are sent and returned via campus mail. Return to Box 1926 after reading.

CLPD Newsletter

Professional Development Spotlight focuses on professional development for Brown’s staff. Each issue will highlight resources and opportunities for you to learn, grow, and develop. 
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Online training on technical and business topics. Content on is not developed by or for Brown University. If there is a conflict in statements between and Brown University policies or procedures, Brown University information takes precedence.


Have a plan for your professional development; begin by reviewing some great tools to help you get started:

​Individual Development Plan (IDP) -Goal setting is a process of carefully thinking about what you want to achieve, devising a plan, and then putting that plan into action.  The online module, Individual Development Plan, will provide you with methods, tools, and examples for creating your own development plan.​ The IDP Worksheet will help get you started.