LearningPoint Professional Development System

We are pleased to announce that LearningPoint will replace training.brown.edu, providing a single point of access to instructor-led training registration and administration, e-learning delivery and more for professional development and compliance purposes.

Training providers and subject matter experts (SMEs) will be able to...

  • Post and launch multi-session training events
  • Access and manage session rosters
  • Launch targ eted training to designated groups
  • Attach prerequisites, pre-work, post-work, and tests to learning events
  • Create and launch customized training evaluations
  • Track and report on professional development and compliance-related training easily
  • Continue the interaction and learning going well past learning sessions using the employee networking/collaboration feature

Learners will be able to...

  • Register for instructor-led and virtual sessions, launch online training modules, acce ss course-related materials, and complete associated pre-work, post-work, tests and course evaluations
  • Read and sign-off on changes to current university policies or newly implemented policies
  • Participate in informal employee networking and collaboration opportunities within the system
  • Access their professional development transcr ipts

Brown’s new professional development learning management system is provided by Cornerstone OnDemand and is delivered via a software as a service (SaaS) model similar to Gmail and Workday. LearningPoint will be available to support professional development and compliance training for staff, faculty and students.

Registration for events that are social, informational or in support of students in their academic pursuits should not be posted to this site.  Examples include town hall meetings, dinners, focus groups, luncheons, receptions, award events, holiday party registration, information sessions, and so forth.

Effective Monday, January 2, 2012, professional development/compliance-related program descriptions currently listed on training.brown.edu will be migrated to LearningPoint by the CLPD staff.

Registration for events not migrated to the professional development learning management system will continue to take place on training.brown.edu through June 30, 2012. training.brown.edu. Training.brown.edu will be decommissioned as of July 1, 2012.  Departments and organizations in need of an online registration mechanism will be provided with training and templates for creating registration forms via Google docs throughout the winter, spring and summer of 2012.

For more information email clpd@brown.edu.

Click here for frequently asked questions.

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