Temporary Employment Needs

Non-research based positions (less than 6 months in duration)

Examples of temporary needs with a duration of less than six months include: backfilling for employees on short term leaves, staffing a short-term project or an unfilled vacancy, and staffing for Commencement. Departments should directly contact a preferred, pre-approved staffing agency to discuss their requirements. Only agencies approved in advance by HR may be utilized in order to ensure compliance with requirements regarding background screening for candidates placed at Brown, billing provisions and other standards such as identification of a diverse pool of well qualified candidates. Departments will continue to fund temporary help from their operating budgets (or qualifying alternative budget such as maternity leave reimbursement program coordinated through the Benefits Office). Please contact Mimi McDonald for more information on staffing agencies or to discuss any current vendors utilized that have not been listed.

Research based positions (less than 6 months in duration)

Examples of temporary research based position with a duration of less than six months include non-Brown students performing research, lab support and other work on research projects. Departments with research needs can recruit or pre-select a candidate (waiver) into a position by entering the position into the Online Employment System using the "Temporary – Limited Duration Research Based" template as a starting point. The system will provide an expedited process for your temporary hire. Please see instructions for utilizing the template for more information. Please contact Mimi McDonald with any questions regarding this process.

To hire an incoming graduate student for a temporary research based position please contact the Graduate School directly at 401-863-2600.

Temporary needs (6 months or more in duration)

Examples of temporary needs with a duration of six months or more include: project-based work such as time-limited research assistance and/or new systems implementation support. These positions must be reviewed with Human Resources and posted in the Online Employment System to ensure the recruitment of well-qualified staff. The positions and associated costs must be identified following appropriate procedures for creating new 3 positions in your budget. Your staffing plan may need to be updated utilizing a specific sub-code (2150) and an identified account number. An independent contractor is appropriate only if the required project is one that can be completed independently with little oversight or direction from Brown other than a review of the final project. IRS rules specify that if the required work is part of Brown's regular business activity and/or Brown directs and controls the activities, the individual must be employed by Brown. Please contact either your HR Generalist or Doreen Brandley Burgers, Director of Disbursements, if you need assistance determining whether your situation is one where a professional services agreement with an independent contractor is appropriate.

Recurring Seasonal Hires

Any duration where continuity of staff over multiple hiring cycles is desired

Examples of recurring seasonal hires include: Athletics events support positions, summer program staff, and seasonal special project positions. Departments must contact Human Resources to discuss staffing to meet these needs. Regardless of the FTE or duration of these positions, they must be part of your department's annual staffing plan and budget submission, using the appropriate sub-code (2150). The sub-code allows you to list specific position number(s) or simply allocate a pool of salary dollars using a placeholder with a description of the staffing need (e.g. $10,000.00 budgeted for part-time events workers for 2012 basketball season). Seasonal employees who have been in the same position for more than two fiscal years should be considered for a salary increase and receive a performance appraisal during Brown's annual performance management process if a salary increase has been determined to be appropriate.

Additional Information

The Quick-View Chart defines the categories, resources and associated processes necessary to hire staff to meet a temporary employment need. Additionally, a current list of Brown's preferred employment vendors, abbreviated hiring process for research based positions and FAQS can be found on this page. Further questions and feedback regarding these process modifications should be directed to Toni Tinberg or Stephanie Altomari Cavanagh.