Manager Toolkit

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Technical guidance & guidelines

Department Process Steps for Employees at Higher Risk

Essential Position Guidelines due to COVID-19

Exceptions to COVID-19 Workplace Safety and Testing Requirements

Leave Administration Process for Employees who have contracted COVID-19, Exhibit Symptoms of, or have been Exposed to COVID-19

Supervisor Checklist for Return To or On Campus

Supervisor Procedures When an Employee has Contracted, Exhibits Symptoms of, or has been Exposed

CAMPUS & Workplace Safety

Exceptions to COVID-19 Workplace Safety and Testing Requirements

Campus Safety Policy

COVID-19 Campus Política de seguridad

Política de segurança no campus referente à COVID-19

Monitoring Workplace Safety Phase 2 Training Requirements

Workplace Safety Training Process for Employees on Campus and Returning to Campus

*Recorded Session: Supervisor Training, Addressing Positive or Exposed COVID-19 Matters


Creating a Contact Tracing Journal

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create an AWA Due to COVID

To protect the privacy rights and the health and safety of every employee, no electronic or communication should be shared with others when an employee has contracted COVID-19.

In accordance with state guidance, employees should maintain a daily journal of contact with other colleagues, visitors, students, or other members of the University community to submit to their healthcare provider if they contract COVID-19.

As with any other situation that requires a leave of absence, a supervisor, the department’s Human Resources Business Partner, or an employee will directly contact University Human Resources to address their need for time off to address their own illness in accordance with University leave administrative processes.

University Human Resources will communicate with an employee and the department’s HR Business Partner while they are on a leave to address their own illness due to COVID-19 and until the employee’s health condition has improved. Their health status must be verified by medical documentation to successfully return to work.

In addition, the RIDOH will continue to take the steps to perform contact tracing and inform anyone who may have been exposed. Individuals at risk of exposure will discuss with their supervisor the need for time off as instructed by the RIDOH​.