Managing Diversity and Inclusion at Brown

Brown's Diversity Action Plan is predicated on the idea that academic excellence can only be achieved by fostering the greatest possible mix of ideas, opinions, and beliefs. Successful implementation of such a plan must be inclusive of staff, students, and faculty with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We also seek to provide policies and programs designed to maximize retention, foster, support, and demonstrate the importance of diversity and inclusion.

The managing Diversity and inclusion toolkit for managers has been created to outline a practical guide for managing diversity and inclusion at Brown, which makes good "people sense" and business sense." The toolkit provides guidelines for demonstrating an understanding of compliance, cultural awareness, respect for differences, coaching for positive change, and best practices for all.
Please click below for guidelines on the Managing Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit:

Guideline #1: Creating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion, Diversity Recruiting Checklist and Strategies for Recruiting Diversified Candidates
Guideline #2: Strategies for Communicating Across Cultures
Guideline#3: Enhancing Respect
Guideline #4: Identifying Ways to Build An Inclusive Team
Guideline #5: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender Individuals
Guideline #6: Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities