New Hire Onboarding In Workday

As a new employee, you will be asked to get started with your new employee tasks in Workday, Brown's HR, Payroll and Finance system. Shortly after receiving your Brown hire letter, you will receive an email from the sender that outlines the steps you must take to obtain your Brown network user name and password. Please note that the email address will not accept return email. If you have questions about the instructions provided, please contact Human Resources at 401-863-3175 and identify yourself as a newly hired employee.

The email from Workday directs you to take the following steps:

1) Click here (or paste the web address into your browser).

2) Use the Brown ID# included in the email from to configure your Brown network user name and password. After following the steps, you'll see a screen with your Brown username and your Brown email address. You will need this information! Make a note of it in a secure location, and remember the password you chose. 

3) Use your Brown user name and password to access Onboarding in Workday. The first time you log in, follow the prompts to set up a means of verification such as a phone number. You can log into MyAccount after setup to add additional means of verification. (More information about Two-Step Verification can be found here). 

Following the instructions above, once you have logged into the Workday system, you will be asked a series of “To Dos” to collect information necessary to complete your employment record. Please review the instructions to each of these tasks carefully and follow each step; the next transaction will not appear until each prior task is successfully completed.

For online instructions on how to complete these Workday onboarding tasks please navigate to Completing your Workday Onboarding Transactions. (You may also copy and paste the web address into your browser).