Announcing the 2011 Excellence Award Winners!

December 5, 2011


Sara Ladds, Graphic Services
Julie Schmidt, Alumni Relations
Katherine Trimble, Swearer Center


Laurinda Custodio, VP-Campus Life
June Drinkwater, Office of Student Life


Christine Almeida, Athletics
Tina Botelho, Financial & Administrative Services
Tracie Mederos, Office of Continuing Education
Jeanne Carhart and Lyndsey Maurer, Athletics


Jean Couto, Dining Services
Jennifer Quinn, Office of Sponsored Projects
Maria Rose, Bio Med-Medical Education
Bonnie Buzzell, Ted Lawless and Jean Rainwater, University Library

Managing for Excellence

Paul Dietel, Facilities Management
Cherrie Guerzon, History
Bobby Noyes, Dining Services

Rising Star

Michael Gallino, Bio Med-Administration/Computer Services
Mark Howison, Center for Computation & Visualization
Sheila Haggerty and Olanda Estrada, Visual Arts


Maria Araujo, Facilities Management
Dawn Cummings, Bio Med Administration/Finance & Planning
Mark Gardiner, Facilities Management
Aaron Gregoire, Bio Med-Neuroscience
S. Brook Moles, CIS
Cairn Smith, Human Resources
Christine Sprovieri, Commerce, Organizations & Entrepreneurship  
Orisa Gamboa, Manny Gomes and Maria Lopes, Dining Services