Life and Disability Plans

Group Life Insurance


Active employees regularly scheduled to work 1300 hours per year (67% time) on the regular payroll are eligible for group life insurance coverage. Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in Basic Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage and may purchase additional life insurance coverage on a voluntary basis. Additionally, employees enrolled in optional life insurance coverage are eligible to purchase optional life insurance for a spouse, same-sex domestic partner and/or eligible dependent child(ren).

Employee Coverage

Brown University pays the full cost of basic life and AD&D insurance for eligible employees. Basic life insurance is an amount up to $50,000, depending on employee groups, base salaries, and dates of hire.

Eligible employees may also purchase optional group term life insurance coverage in amounts ranging from one to six times the employee base salary, provided that the combined basic and optional coverage amount does not exceed $1,000,000. Employees pay the full cost of optional coverage based on the amount of coverage elected and current age. In some instances, employees may have to complete aStatement of Health Form for the carrier and be approved for coverage.

Rates for the Voluntary Life Insurance coverage are available in Section 5 of the Benefits Enrollment Decision Guide.

Dependent Coverage

Employees that elected and have been approved, if applicable, for optional life insurance coverage are eligible to elect optional coverage for a spouse or same-sex domestic partner. Employees may purchase up to $50,000 of voluntary group term life insurance in increments of $10,000 for a spouse or partner; the amount paid for the coverage is based on the employee's current age.

Employees that elected and have been approved, if applicable, for optional life insurance coverage are also eligible to elect optional coverage for dependent children or the dependent children of a same-sex domestic partner. Employees may purchase $4,000 of voluntary group term life insurance for each eligible child.

Conversion and Portability Options

For employees that separate from service at Brown, the optional life insurance coverage will be fully portable provided the coverage has been in place for 12 months prior to the separation from service. Employees will also have the option of converting Employee Basic, Optional Life, and Dependent Life insurance amounts that were in place at the time of retirement or termination to an individual life policy. The amounts available for conversion are equal to the amount(s) of group life benefits that ended.

Employees can view the Group Life Insurance Certificate of Coverage for more information.

Long-term Disability Insurance


Employees that became disabled while employed at Brown may be placed on a long-term disability (LTD) leave of absence and receive certain benefits under the University's long-term disability insurance plan.


Employees are eligible for coverage under the Brown University long-term disability insurance plan after working at least 67% time (1300 hours per year) for one uninterrupted year. Absence from work on short-term leave cannot be counted towards the above time requirement. Eligibility requirements may differ for employees covered by a previous employer's LTD plan. Long-term disability insurance benefits start when the employee's physician certifies that the employee has been disabled for at least 180 days.

Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits

When employees' claims for long-term disability insurance benefits are approved by the University's LTD carrier, the employees receive a 60% salary replacement (up to $7,500 per month with a minimum of $100 per month). This benefit is offset by any other supplemental income, such as Workers' Compensation, Social Security, etc. In addition, the LTD carrier continues Brown's normal contributions to the employees' retirement accounts plus the employee mandatory 2%, if applicable.

Employees are eligible to continue health and/or dental insurance by paying the appropriate active employee rate for the first six months of an approved long-term disability leave and the full group-rate premium thereafter. If the employee was disabled under Workers' Compensation, certain additional benefits may be available. Employees may elect to continue voluntary group life insurance during a long-term disability leave by paying the required premiums.

General Guidelines

Long-term disability leave begins after the employee has been out on short-term leave for 26 weeks (six months), during which time the University continues to pay Brown's share of any health, dental, and/or life insurance premiums. Such leaves continue for the duration of the employee's approved long-term disability benefit.

This is a brief summary of information about Long-Term Disability Insurance. Please contact the Benefits Office for further information and consult the Long-Term Disability Insurance contract (the binding document).

Business Travel Accident Plan


Employees traveling on assignment by or with the authorization of Brown University outside University-owned property in the City of Providence, with travel costs reimbursed by the University, the Business Travel Accident Plan pays benefits for accidents resulting in death or dismemberment of the employee.

Business Travel Accident benefits are payable in addition to any other life insurance benefits.

Coverage starts when the employee departs from home, office, or other location, whichever is later, to go on a business trip and continues until the employee return home, to the office, or whichever is sooner.

The University discourages business travel in employee groups larger than five. In the event of multiple deaths for a group larger than 25, the University reserves the right to limit the payable benefit. The current aggregate limit of liability is $10,000,000 per accident.


Regular faculty or staff members paid by the University at the time of travel, are covered by Brown’s Business Travel Accident Plan according to the criteria described above. (Regular faculty and staff on unpaid sabbatical or special assignment are also covered if traveling at the request of Brown.) Coverage ends on the last day of employment at Brown University.

Plan Documents

Below are helpful documents with important information about the Brown University Business Travel Accident Plan.

Temporary Disability Insurance

The State of Rhode Island provides a benefit to many workers suffering from a non-work-related disability. The Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) program is administered by the State of Rhode Island; the University does not approve or disapprove TDI claims, or determine eligibility for benefits. Please visit the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training's TDI home page which will provide a resource for answering questions and obtaining forms.